4 Months 4 Moves: (Phase 2) Month 1 Results

First month. New environment, new moves. Not too many surprises though. I guess this is technically Month 5 of the Pursuit of Movement so my body has gotten pretty used to these types of workouts. I am experimenting though with the frequency, trying to find that perfect workload to maximize results without overtraining. It’s a tough gig figuring out what’s best for your body. Oftentimes we do too much when we ought to be resting instead, and sometimes we do the opposite. Guess I’ll have to listen to my body better.

Here are the results from Month 1:

1. Straddle press handstand


me straddle

Month 1:


  • Although my straddle hold hasn’t improved much, I’m focusing my efforts towards working on the transition between straddle and handstand
  • Hips are kind of getting the message when I tell them to elevate, but I’m still lacking the awareness and strength to align fully into a handstand

2. Front lever


me front lever

Month 1:

front lever

  • Focusing more on the lean back and hip elevation has allowed for a flatter more parallel straddle
  • Feeling more muscles engaged, namely lats

3. Back lever


me back lever

Month 1:

back lever

  • Legs are becoming more engaged and staying in line
  • Focusing on pulling upper body forward and away from the bar

4. One Arm Chin-up (OAC)



Month 1:


  • It’s a slow and painful process but I’m becoming more aware of muscle groups that I couldn’t feel before
  • I can feel my shoulder girdle activating/contracting during the beginning of the motion

5. Butterfly twist



Month 1:


  • Gained much more elevation by incorporating the push-pull technique and delaying my twist by a split second
  • Practicing one leg plyometrics to help explosiveness
  • Need to spot my landing!

6. Round-off -> Back handspring -> Back tuck



Month 1:


  • Learning the back handspring has been an incredible mental challenge for me. I had to let go of the memory of my initial success and accept that I had to start over from scratch in order to stop the buildup of bad form and poor technique from continuing
  • It’s been a humbling but educational process to take a few steps back. Lots of watching tutorials and practicing really basic techniques. Hopefully it will all pay off


Muscle ups on Rings


  • I thought I could treat this move like a bench press when it came to adding reps but I realized it was more rewarding to focus on slower technique and transition than to explode and speed through reps
  • 5 reps was on a really good day apparently. I’ve been stuck at 4 ever since

Slow Muscle up on (cheat) bar


  • Taking advantage of my now stronger wrists and using the false grip to achieve this long sought after move. You’ve never truly felt your triceps until you do this!

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