4 Months 4 Moves: (Phase 2) Month 3 Results

January to February 2014

Month 3 didn’t bring about too many breakthroughs, just steady progress. And you know, sometimes that’s enough. So much of my devotion towards “getting” something is spent thinking about getting it that I tend to altogether miss out of the process. It’s like having the goal to build a wall and constantly expecting it to be finished every time you look at it. In that unfinished wall there are hundreds of bricks I’m not seeing, bricks that I’ve painfully laid day after day. And you know… we should celebrate those bricks, even if it’s only one.

Here are some bricks I’ve laid in month 3:

Stalder Press

Month 2

Month 3

  • I finally got up this month! For a little bit anyway…
  • While I’m getting the knack of rotating my hips up and over, I’m still neglecting the pushing of my shoulders back and opening up my handstand. Without this counterbalance, I end up with too much forward lean and tip over.

Front & Back levers

  • There’s either not much to show in improvement from month 2 to month 3, or I completely forgot to take footage. Oh well, watch this cool trick instead. It’s called a meat hook and I learned it from Yuri Marmenstein at his handstand workshop. The move definitely lives up to its name on the pain meter.


One Arm Chin-up (OAC)

Month 2

Month 3

  • Can you say regression? Okay, maybe that’s a bit unfair. Some days you’re just not as strong. There’s no way to avoid it and I can’t sugarcoat that inevitability for you. Let this footage be proof that not all progress is linear.

Butterfly twist

Month 2

Month 3

  • So I decided to switch direction this month, literally. I had been spending months btwisting to my right and now am going back to my left. It’s been strange because going towards my left has always felt stronger and more natural (butterfly kicks, aerials, cartwheels), but at some point in the distant past I had decided to go right because I was having more success with the twist. Well F that noise, the past is in the past. Left side, strong side.
  • More power, lift, and better orientation during the twist. All that’s left is understanding how to incorporate the landing.

Round-off -> Back handspring -> Back tuck

Month 2

Month 3

  • Playing around with different directional entries to my round off and entertaining the notion of connecting a back handspring to it. A very tentative and experimental approach.
  • As you can see my round off is quite shit and in no way sets me up for an idea transition to the back handspring. No lunge to create momentum and no blocking of the shoulders to generate the snap down of the legs. Of course I know all this now. Not long after this footage was taken I met the lady who later became my informal tumbling coach. But that’s another story that you can totally read right now.

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