4 Months 4 Moves: (Phase 2) Month 4 Results

February to March 2014

And just like that another 4 months is up. This phase was a rather ambitious one, going beyond static holds and into the dynamic and transitional aspects of movement. The training changed a lot with the introduction of gymnastics rings and access to a tumbling facility. I was able to work on facets of strength and acrobatics that were never available to me before. Although it seems like I bit off more than I could chew this time, I was able to wade a bit deeper into the pool of movement. Alas, the more you learn, the more you realize just how much more there is left to learn.

Stalder Press

Month 3


Month 4


  • Getting up doesn’t seem to be too much of a problem anymore, it’s staying up. The straddle sit in the beginning feels a lot stronger; my arms are not as bent in the transition to the handstand, but for some reason my inversion sense feels completely different when pressing into a handstand than kicking into a handstand. Again, likely the same issue of timing the opening of my shoulders (pushing head and torso back) with my hips coming up.
  • I feel that I’ve been focusing too much on pressing into a handstand instead of holding a good handstand. It may be time to get back to basics.

Front Lever

Month 2

front leverMonth 4


  • This is one of those strength moves that you just have to keep chipping away at. Trying to get shoulders, hips and feet all aligned has been a very slow and tiring process. Maybe I’m doing something wrong…

Back Lever

Month 2

back leverMonth 4


  • Don’t be fooled. I only held this for 1 second before my body died. But you know, it’s still a hopeful sign! Alignment is getting flatter and lower back, legs, and glutes all feel a lot more engaged. Certainly a drastic change in the “feeling” of the move than when I first tried this.

One Arm Chin-up (OAC)

Month 3

oacMonth 4…+

It happened on an ordinary, slightly overcast Sunday. I was going to do the move I set out almost a year ago to do. Camera’s ready, hand’s chalked…


  • It’s as if the one arm chin-up did itself. There was no deep struggle or resistance like I expected there to be. The move just happened. Perhaps this is testament of the rather unsurprising outcome of achieving something from putting forth consistent work and effort. When you actively and intelligently practice something day in and day out, success is a natural inevitability.

Butterfly Twist

Month 3btwist

Month 4btwist

  • Pretty close, but no cigar. I seem to have grasped the timing and coordination of jumping and twisting, but attaining the orientation to land still eludes me. Granted I am handicapping myself about half a foot of air space by using the mat, but safety and consistency are a higher priority right now. I just hope my over-carefulness doesn’t become a crutch.

Round off -> Back handspring -> Back tuck

Month 3roundoff-backhandspring

Month 4bhs

  • Ambition is good, but over-ambition hardly meets deadlines. This one goal consisted of learning 3 separate moves and 2 transitions in 4 months time. A rather bold venture.
  • I ended the 4 month period with a solid standing back handspring and tiptoed into the frightening waters of linking a round off into said back handspring. Didn’t even get to learning the back tuck.
  • Tumbling is hard.


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