The Last 12 Months

NOTE: This entry was originally written for and posted on Headstand Travels, my travel blog and first website project. That site’s been dormant for a while but I’m hoping to resume writing for it soon. The Pursuit of Movement first started out as a side project on Headstand Travels, but with the current circumstances of my life creating more opportunities for movement than travel, I had decided to make Pursuit of Movement its own separate website.

April 2014 to April 2015

Well, where do I begin?

I’ll start with saying that I never stopped, moving that is. Despite my lack of stories, pictures, and online presence, I’ve stuck with my pursuit of movement. Oh, headstands still came here and there (travel’s been scarce), but despite having stayed put it feels like I’m building up to something. I guess that’s the hidden joy of being in one place for a while – having the time, resources, and stability to build.

Do I miss traveling? Absolutely. The dreamer in me can never stay too still. But the builder in me has been busy creating something that I will be able to take with me wherever I go, something that will let me experience my future destinations a bit differently…




Yes, I’ve been training lots.

Movement wise, these last 12 months have yielded several high points for me:

  • I’ve overcome my nemesis move of the butterfly twist
  • Gotten past my fear of the back flip
  • Delved deeper into tricking and actually starting to feel comfortable!
  • On the brink of a 60 second handstand

I’ve also had some pretty cool experiences:

  • Learned from one of my movement idols Odelia at an Ido Portal workshop


  • Met the immortal Mestre Acordeon at my first batizado. Yes, I’m officially a capoeista!


Of course each of my successes was built on the backs of many failures. These highlights did not come without their struggles, but it’s in that struggle that good stories are made.


During this one year absence, I’ve moved lots but have written little. This weird dichotomy of doing without creating has made me realize something – every significant experience is made better when shared.

I’m officially coming out of my hiatus and putting pen back on paper.

Stay tuned.

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