My TED Talk

I am sitting.

Around me are my fellow speakers, waiting with a nervousness that is palpable.

The hosts are on stage talking, but I don’t hear a thing. The only sound traveling to my ears is the music playing from my headphones.

Be in the moment. Be in the moment.

I take a deep breath. I sit up straight. My palms are sweaty, yet I don’t feel nervous, just… uncertain.


I decide to put my headphones away and listen for the first time. I can feel the atmosphere. I take in my surroundings. I gradually become aware.

My gaze shifts from the hands in my lap to the stage. I see the venue for the first time. Naturally I look upwards. Towering high above is an archway with symbols from all different religions spanned across. I see the Sanskrit Om, a Star and Crescent, Buddha, a Yin Yang, and others I don’t recognize. In the center is the Hamsa Hand, the ancient palm and eye symbol, looking down over us with reassurance.

It hits me, and I smile. By the power of the collective ideologies of humanity, this stage has been blessed. There was no need to be uncertain anymore.

The universe just gave me the thumbs up. I am good to go do my thing.

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  • Mary


    One word: inspirational. That was so good. Your TedTALK was touching and moving (pun intended!). What a great opportunity you were given and very much deserved. I can see how much hard work you put into this and I want to thank you for sharing your words and story with us! Congratulations on giving this speech and I hope we see more of you.


    • siawnou

      Thank you so much for the kind words, Mary. Always honored to have your support and encouragement! #daegudays

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